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Give up Demarco Murray for Dez and Diggs?


I’m pretty deep in the RB category and I really am in need of good WRs. Is Dez worth getting given Murray’s performance recently? 8 team standard, I will still have Shady and Kareem hunt at RB1 and 2, with McFadden as a handcuff and Rob Kelly im trying to drop to waivers


I am intrigued by that, because I’d want Dez and Diggs (I’m surprised that was even offered) but I don’t see a ton of RB depth there… McFadden is useless if Zeke doesnt get suspended and who knows right now how that will shake out, and you say you’re trying to drop Kelley. What’s your RB plan for Bye weeks or in case of injury? If you have some waiver pickups you could roll with in those situations, I say go for the trade, but consider your plans for when your RBs are not playing.


Yeah I agree, I picked up McFadden as a handcuff just in case, and sorry I should have said that I’m dropping Kelly for a hopeful pickup of Alvin Kamara. Plus my Bye weeks are pretty well spread out. I think this guy who offered them up just really needs a running back… which idk why he’s going after Murray except for his past production and the name. Thanks so much! That’s kinda what I was leaning towards, maybe I’ll hold off on accepting to see what the Zeke news is and if that’s gonna have any play with my RB situation


Oh yeah, then go for it. I wouldn’t wait around for Zeke news, just give him his RB and enjoy having Dez and Diggs… what a trade.


I would go for it, I assume Murray starts a 60/40 split with Henry.