Give up Hyde for Engram?

I lost Delanie Walker this week and I have Seals-Jones on my bench. Should I trade away Carlos Hyde for Evan Engram?

My other RBs are: Bell/Conner, Melvin Gordon, Alex Collins, and Jamaal Williams.

I think Hyde is a little too much but couldn’t blame you for making the trade. Hyde is your 4th RB and I think Engram will ultimately have a good year. I just hate trading a starting RB for a TE coming off a terrible week. But again, taking your team into consideration I would probably do it.

I’m leaning towards accepting the trade because Hyde is my 4th RB. I don’t see myself starting him over any of the 3 RBs above him. I also like Williams despite the game last night. The Bears are going to have one of the best run-stopping defenses in the league this year in my opinion.

I totally get why you would do it. I probably would too.

RB for TE straight up usually isn’t the best of deals, but in this scenario I actually like the move for you.

I’m doing that trade. If you watched the game yesterday, Engram is still an absolute freak. The one catch he did make, was an incredible dive. He also had another like 30-40 yard catch called back due to holding by Oline. Jags also just have some of the best and fastest LB’s in the league who can actually somewhat cover Engram. Vs most LBs, Engram is going to leave them in the dust.

And if yesterdays game showed anything, the browns, are still the browns. Had a +5 turnover and lost the game. I want no part of those running backs.

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I really needed to hear this. I am looking at an inevitable loss (15 point lead and opp has Gurley in PPR) and was wondering who on earth I could replace Engram with… well sorta. I hate making to many moves after week 1.