Give up James White get Sam Darnold in dynasty?

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White is 28 and is a UFA after this season, also no Brady, but remarkably consistent at getting 10 points per game with upside, but also no brady.

Darnold is young and could improve but missed most of 2019 with mono, his coach is the butthole formerly known as Adam Gase.


Inexperienced QBs tend to throw short passes and dump the ball down a good bit, which is White’s specialty. I don’t suspect that Patriots will be running away from other teams much this year either. So they may have to come back a good bit. If you are in a 1 QB league, I’d hang on to James White this year over Darnold.

I’d rather be on the white side. See if you can get them to throw in a 2nd or 3rd round rookie for next year

I’d def be trying to use your rb depth to dump an aging player. I do love whites consistency though and sometimes as I’m sure you know is much more valuable than a future rookie pick

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Pats will play alot of 4 WR sets with James White so don’t trade him. James White will be good for 90+ targets and 70-75 receptions and 600-700 receiving yards. Burkhead our other pass catching back will only get 50 targets max and 30-35 receptions so won’t affect White’s fantasy value. Until Keene, Dalton and Lee have a full understanding of the schemes White will be treated like an WR3/4 with at least 8-10 targets per game.

Darnold on the other hand with Crowder having big games or quiet games (needs more consistency to be better than a Low End WR2, Mims will be good for 400-500 receiving yards, Perriman great finish to last season will push Crowder as an WR1B but remains TD dependent and Doctson will be a WR3B/4 with 30-40 receptions and 400 yards max. Darnold with no clear elite WR1 (similar to Desean Watson to an lesser extent now Cooks there) will have a different go to guy per game with no proven game winner. Darnold needs Bell to have a good season and rookie Perine to be able to move down the field to reduce the pressure he will be under.