Give up Josh Jacobs + Darnell Mooney for Diggs + Gaskin/Pollard?

10 Team Standard Roster, Non-PPR. Would you give up Josh Jacobs and Darnell Mooney for Diggs and Gaskin/Pollard?

My RBs: CMac, DeAndre Swift, Josh Jacobs, Latavius Murray, Damien Williams

My WRs: Chris Godwin, Mike Williams, Marvin Jones Jr., Darnell Mooney, Robbie Anderson, Brandon Aiyuk, Will Fuller.

Leaning yes here, any and all feedback is much appreciated.


You’re getting the best player in the deal but this leaves you very weak at RB. Gaskin is looking like a fat bust right now and you can’t trust pollard to deliver on a regular bases unless Zeke goes down. Sure latavius and D Will are going to be heavily involved in their respective offenses but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any good. In a vacuum I would do it, but your roster construction and scoring format make me nervous

thanks! I agree on the RB depth piece.

Of note, I spoke to the Zeke owner and they would trade Javonte Williams for Tony Pollard. So in a way it’d be Josh Jacobs and Darnell Mooney for Diggs and Javonte Williams. Any better there?