Give up Kareem Hunt for Aaron Rodgers?

.5 ppr I have Kareem Hunt and Ty Montgomery as my starters. RB depth = Buck Allen, Tariq Cohen, Doug Martin

The David Johnson owner is offering me Aaron Rodgers and Amari Cooper for Kareem. Do I do it? He also has Tyreek Hill I could possibly counter for if we don’t like Cooper.

My QB is Dak. WR starters are Julio and Martavis. Depth = DeVante Parker, Cooper Kupp, and JJ Nelson.

I kind of want to do it but am afraid of losing what can be a very strong season with Hunt.

Help footclan!

interesting trade… Rogers has not looked very good lately you can prob pick up a better QB than Deck in the waiver. Its not a horrible trade but looking at your WR depth i would not take this trade. Maybe counter with Martin for hill or cooper if you want WR depth

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That’s up to you. Personally depending on how deep your league is streaming QB’s a valid option over Dak, and you keep Hunt. I think the trade is fair, hunt is worth that and vice versa. Id hold on to hunt, that big of a workload is once a season type. He’s incredibly valuable.

Very little chance I’d do this. Dak has been through two hellish matchups and already put up solid numbers. After this week against Arizona, he should be smooth sailing. I’d put Parker in your WR2 slot and play Hunt, TyMont, and Buck Allen until Martin returns (assuming you’ve got a FLEX?).

Cooper is a great WR, but he lacks consistent production and will most likely be outscored by Crabs this year (again) and may even end up close to Parker if JayCutty keeps slinging the rock. And while Rodgers might get you an extra 5-7 points per week over Dak, Hunt can offer you an extra 15-20 points per week over your other RBs.

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Thank you for your insight, very helpful.

Good luck this week!