Give Up on Chris Carson?

Or hold for another couple of weeks to see if he straightens things out? I also have D. Cook, Gore and Penny. Thanks in advance.

I will bench him for now. You sure shouldnt drop him yet…

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I’m saying this as the guy who posted on here in August to say I had my doubts about all the Carson hype.

It was silly to believe Pete Carroll when he said Carson had the best hands on the team.

But it’s early. Carson fumbled once (that’s one less time than Miles Sanders did, btw, but nobody’s crying about him on these boards). The season is long. Carson will see plenty of action going forward. Be patient.


He’s had a fumble in every game


Indeed he has. His matchup next week is pretty good though, and I don’t exactly have anyone else I can bench him for at the moment - Gore maybe if Singletary sits out another week, but they get the Pats next so probably not.

Maybe I’ll hold on for at least one more week, see what he does and explore possible trades for another RB1 in the meantime since there’s really no one on the waiver wire right now. I don’t think Gallman’s going to do much, Jeff Wilson has a bye and Darrel Williams, eh, maybe. (Not that I would drop Carson for any of them, but rather to give me additional options.)

This is the right way to think about it. Carson was a relatively high draft pick so he’s probably your RB1 or RB2 if you drafted him so it’s entirely team dependent. I’m personally holding onto Carson just because I won’t get the return I would want if I traded him & I think he could turn it around based on his team’s offense.


Thank you, Carson is indeed my RB2, drafted in the 4th round, with Dalvin Cook as my RB1. And I do also have Penny, in case Carson should totally crap the bed at some point and get benched.

I like that move. I actually have a claim on Penny and waiting for waivers to get him. This keeps up we could see Penny getting the touches.

Although, I heard the Seattle game was a rainy day? I didn’t see it and only heard that. Carson runs so hard- I would excuse the fumbles if the ball was wet.

…not like 2 Miles Sanders straight up fumbles in sunny ass dry weather!

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I haven’t seen any highlights to check for myself but I believe you’re right, it was drizzling the whole time, which I’m sure doesn’t help if you’ve already got the dropsies.

I live in Seattle, it was raining, but we should be used to that.

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I wouldn’t drop him but I would bench him until he has a great match up.

So basically you’re playing him this week? lol


Would y’all trade Carson for Kupp full PPR

Would u guys trade Carson for Engram and try trading Andrews and another player for an RB
My other RBs are Chubb Fournette and Sanders