Give up on Guice?

I have Guice in a dynasty and have room to carry him for a year on my bench if there is a chance it will pay off. But with peterson there and they just signed peyton baber. Plus they seem to really like bryce love. Is there a chance they even go into the season with all four at RB. Would it be in my interest to try to get a 4th or 5th round for him, or is this just a speed bump and his talent will shine through either in washington or somewhere else. Health permitted of course. I only spent a 3rd round o. Him a couple of years ago because we drafted after the injury. So I dont have much value tied up in him.

I’d say probably hold onto him if your bench is deep enough. Despite his amazing run AP cannot have that much more left in the tank, and who knows what’s going to happen now that Riverboat Ron is in town. 4th or 5th in the rookies is probably not going to get you much and the upside is still technically there for Guice, though one more injury and I might shift to giving up entirely.

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