Give up the freak!

Should I take Aaron Jones and Robby Anderson for Tyreek Hill

1/2 point ppr

What’s your team look like?

Have Barkley, Mack Hopkins Marvin Jones Ertz singletary, Hollywood brown, Crowder and Lazard

I like the Aaron Jones add with Saquon and Mack and Singletary.

Hopkins and Hill though, that’s dynamic always especially since Hopkins hasn’t hit his ceiling really, yet. If it was full PPR I’d say keep Hill. But if you’re gearing up for the Playoffs having 2rb1s and Jones rb1 upside week to week could prove valuable. And Robby also has a dream schedule approaching BUT - anyway you could get more at the WR?

If not, I think it’s an okay trade, but I would look at your playoff schedules and just take the best bet bro, I like the Jones Robby side slightly more given you still have Hopkins. Crowder is viable any ppr format could you dish him as well? That way you’re not stacking Robby and Jamison?

Good luck bro!