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Give White Get Yeldon


I’m a Fournette owner. What’s Yeldon worth?
I have Collins, Howard, Breida and White. The Yeldon owner has rejected Collins and Breida offers. He offered Yeldon for Fournette. Guess he thought I was desperate at 0n4. I responded with Not Dead Yet and got my first win. He’s 3n2 with solid team.


I would not give up White to get Yeldon…
Yeldon is more than likely a rental for another week or two until Fournette gets back…

White is a high end RB2 you can safely play every week…
You have the depth to get by until Fournette gets healthy, and when he does you will have 2 starting RBs…


White gets almost no rush yards. Do you think the targets will decrease with Gordon and Edelman building?


Not worried about that…
White will still get his touches between rushing and as a receiver out of the backfield…
If it is half or full PPR league his value is even higher…
He should have a huge game against the Chiefs this week…

No way would I trade him for what is likely a rental in Yeldon.
Once Fournette gets back, Yeldon will have little value again and I wouldn’t waste a weekly startable RB for a fill in until Fournette gets back…


White for Yeldon is fair price as a Fournette owner. to lock up that backfield.

White will not be this good going forward. Unless you expect him to get 12-14 targets a game which would be on pace for 184 targets on the season. That would be top 3 in the NFL. Pretty big stretch with edelman now back, hogan getting more involved, gronk getting more targets and Gordon there and michel also getting more involved going forward. I’d bet money his targets drop significantly.

And as a rusher, he is pretty much useless. Gets zero goal line carries and has 4 games with 5 carries or less. Also don’t expect him to score a TD every week. This is your chance to sell high on him.

White is not a high end RB2 ROS in my eyes. But he will still be relevant. Probably closer to a mid to low RB2 / flex play depending on matchups. His value is higher in full PPR though so not sure if that’s your scoring format or not.

EDIT: I will say, Yeldon for White is a pretty lateral move still. And given how high the perceived value is of white, you can likely get more.


Cool. Thanks guys. Standard scoring.
May just hold White as the other guy is hard work to deal with. Can’t believe he didn’t take Breida or Collins.


Standard scoring, 100% give up white for Yeldon. Do it now. White in standard is mediocre at best. He is a TD or bust guy given he has like no ground game.