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Given this scenario, what would you do? 4th overall, 0.5ppr

12 man league, 0.5ppr league. 4th draft slot.

Let’s assume that CMC, Bark and Kamara go 1,2,3 and that Zeke/Gordon don’t sign.

What would be your 4th overall pick?

Still drafting Zeke 4th, especially after news today, and getting Pollard in 6th or 7th as insurance.

I got CMC 4th today in a 12 team. Barkley, Kamara and Bell were drafted ahead of him. I would consider Bell at 4th but I was seriously considering reaching for James Conner as I reckon he’s going to be great. Thankfully CMC fell to me though

And then today’s news says they hate each other again. As a Cowboys fan it’s hard to stay off Zeke, but I’m done with that risk in the 1st round.