Givin' Too Much?

I just offered my Dez and J McKinnon for Jay Ajayi. Now I am wondering if I am giving up too much and should cancel it before he acts? What do you guys think?

My other RBs:
CJ Anderson

My other WRs:
Amari Cooper
Marqise Lee

Standard scoring 10 team league.

I mean if Ajayi becomes a workhorse that’s about the right price, but that’s still uncertain. So hard to tell at this point. Personally I would be trying to flip Kamara or Ingram for an absolute haul. Better than having both in my opinion, and you can get a ton of value for them.

Funny thing is I’ve shopped both Saint RBs around with what I considered very fair trades and no takers. I’ve decided to ride the Saints backfield for the rest of the season (I’ve got Brees too). I rarely play Dez due to his inconsistencies, and Ajayi would take over where I’ve been playing McKinnon. I feel like Ajayi’s ceiling ROS is higher than McKinnon due to his sharing so many snaps with Murray. I really think the Eagles plan to make Ajayi their featured back. My thinking might be flawed. Maybe I should just go with what got me here.