Giving Gronk and AP for Kelce!?

I’m the gronk and AP owner I’m looking to stack kelce and Mahomes, should I try doing the trade? The kelce owner doesn’t have many good RBs. My other RBs are Kamara Hyde Lynch Lewis and Foreman

Why would you do this? Gronk is still a top flight Tight End and will still most likely finish there. This is a lateral move and giving away a RB. Dont do this.

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What about my RBs should I try to move one and a WR for an upgrade? If u think so who should I try to move?

Who are your WRs?

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I have Adams Gordon Edelman Ridley and Coutee

If I were to make a trade with someone without one of the top 3 TE’s(maybe the Njoku owner?) and trade Gronk and Hyde or Lynch for their TE and a Better RB.