Giving Gurley - Get Ingram and Mike Evans

I need a WR2

Thoughts on trading Gurley in general?

Do not trade Gurley period

Stop. Please don’t

Even for M. Gordon and Mike Evans. I’m playing Corey Davis as WR2.

Gordon & Evans > Gurley & Davis?

No trade is worth trading for Gurley.

figure something else out do not trade Gurley

What receivers are on waivers? and who are your other backs?

There’s always a price for any player. That being said, Gurley has a very hefty price tag. Is there a different WR the guy has?

Gordon + Evans is getting close if you REALLY need it but I’d want a better WR honestly. Winston to Evans doesn’t seem to be working too well atm.

My other backs are Mixon, Hyde, Royce F & Mack.

WR on waivers are Robby A, Mike Williams, Keke & Kelvin B.

He also has AB & Emmanuel Sanders

DO NOT trade gurley. the mans WORST week was like 168 total yards and 1. thats a gigantic blow up game for most everyone else in fantasy football. work out a trade somewhere else for a wr2. dont be stupid and trade away an easy 20 points per week. work a deal, play the wire, and get it done somehow other than trading Todd and ride him to the playoffs

Emmanuel sanders instead of mike Evans maybe but I’d still want more for Gurley. He is the best player in fantasy

Gurley is a league winner man. It’s like having a second quarterback on your team every week in a one QB league. Look at the stats, Gurley gets the ball almost every time the Rams get into the red zone, more than any other RB. Additionally he’s guaranteed to be involved in the game script. He’s a 3-down back. He’s good, gets volume, gets red zone carries, and is on a high octane offense. Checks all the way down lol.

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Agreeed. But he’s also on an unsustainable pace. 9 TDs in 6 games wont carry on.

As good as he is, he’s probably not dropping another 200+ yard, 2 TD game. His value won’t get higher than it is now. I think it’s worth seeing what I can get for him.

I also think it’s a good idea to shop around and see what you can get. If you can get a RB1 and WR1 for the name, production, and value of Gurley then I would do it. You might have to deal with another owner though.

Who is your WR1?

DO not trade Gurley nobody will be willing to pay the correct price tag, package Mixon or Hyde with someone instead

Stefon Diggs is my WR1

Jets are scoring points too so Robby Anderson isn’t a bad filler just in case he returns to last year form within next few weeks

youre overthinking this… Gurley and Mixon is about as good as it gets at running back. package hyde and corey davis while you can for a solid WR2. and you have other players as well from what youve shown of your roster.

look at it this way as well… the guy youre trading with… hell have Gurley AND Antonio Brown. is that a team you want to face in the playoffs? id much rather face gordon and AB with gurley on my side.


History shows differently though. Look at what he did last season when everyone said he couldn’t keep it up. Maybe not 200 yards every game but the TD upside is always there. Now he’s on an even better offense with WRs, and is being used in the red zone more often than other RBs. Even with all the other WRs that McVay has at his disposal, Gurley is still the focal point of the offense. That Offensive Line is just amazing in addition to that which helps give Gurley that tremendous upside. That’s why he was a top pick coming into this draft.

That being said, if the rest of your roster depth is bad I don’t mind trading him but it’s a very high asking price for a player of his caliber. Like true WR1/RB1 package value which most wont be willing to give up. I think you’re fine with what you have and should use your other players to buy some more WR depth.