Giving up DAdams+Lynch to get AB, worth it?

Here’s what I have right now:

WRs: DAdams, Thielen, Kupp, Edelman
RBs: DJ, Coleman, Lynch, Dion Lewis, KJohnson, Kenyan Drake

I kind of want to keep Lynch as he’s one of my few consistent performers.

I offered a suggestion of Devante Adams + Dion Lewis(or Tevin Coleman) instead

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bump. please help!!

I think your instinct to hold onto Lynch is right. You don’t want to deplete your RB lineup to get AB, especially since you’ve got a few strong receivers. Did you get a response on Lewis or Coleman?

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Can you counter with Kupp or Edelman+Lynch or Coleman? Or Adams + KJ?

My league is allergic to trading, so I don’t have much experience, but I’ve read about a lot of them on here. I would almost try to package some of the lesser guys (RB/WR) for a stronger RB to add.

What happened to the counter offer you made? I like that.

I am offering Adams + Tevin Coleman or Dion Lewis currently and waiting on a response.

I would give up Kupp however the other guy already has Brandin Cooks so I dont think he is interested in getting Kupp too

Yeah, prob not. Do you think he has a preference for Thielen vs. Adams?

Is this PPR?

I’m not understanding why you’d give up such strong pieces for one—in my league—equally scoring piece. AB is scoring like Lynch or Adams

I wonder if Edelman+Kupp+RB would be considered.

10 team league, full point PPR.

I just think AB is a steal here if I can give up a WR and my plethora of RBs (since I have 6…)

Honestly yeah. You should just take it after you finish countering, or if you think it goes away, I think maybe take it now.

3 guys for AB? You don’t think I’m losing out too much on that?

That would put me down to only 3 WRs left, AB+Adams+Thielen

Yeah but 3 of the top 5 (or 10) in the league basically.

Idk. Adams vs. AB is so similar right now since AB has to deal with JuJu. Im just trying to not give up Adams somehow with the 3 player offer.

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Drake doesn’t count, and Coleman barely counts unless you have insider info that they’re going to go off now. I don’t think any of these trades I’m seeing actually improve your overall squad personally. You need quality RB depth more than you need another big WR. He’s just not putting up the huge numbers for a trade like that…that’s me though. Sounds like you want him pretty badly.

I think if he got something else from the other team that helps him elsewhere it’s worth it. I think it probably ends up being worth it as it is, but it’s questionable. People are getting down on AB lately. He’ll bounce back on Sunday for sure. That could make this worth it if he wants to maybe flip AB+Coleman right after for an elite WR1 + RB1 or something. Idk. Coleman’s value is also very unclear right now.

Hey @MikeMeUpp , you seem like you’re usually up for this. Temperature check on this whole thread?

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@MikeMeUpp Will say yes in about 2 seconds.

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