Giving up DAdams+Lynch to get AB, worth it?

He’s the guy that was pushing me to go and grab AB hahahahaha

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Knew it lol.

That’s fine, I’m just trying to get some more insight into why. I don’t typically take very strong stances on here, but this one doesn’t make sense to me, and I want to understand it.

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The other guy has Jordan Howard…do you guys think I could go for him in a package trade?

AB + Howard < – > Adams + Coleman + Lewis ?

Honestly I agree. Giving up Lynch is hard on your team, but this week you can absolutely endure it with Coleman at Pittsburgh. He will get you your points. And AB against Falcons will get you a whole team’s worth of points in all likelihood.

And I know Coleman is splitting touches probably if Freeman makes it all the way back, but he’ll still probably get the majority. If not, it’ll be even enough. You need another RB1 regardless bc I don’t think Lynch is good enough ROS to complete your team. But that can be next week’s project.

Yeah. I would do that I think.

This is an easy accept in full ppr. Sorry took a second to read through all the noise above. This nonsense about juju affecting AB is a non-factor. juju will eat, AB will eat. Doesn’t matter that AB has scored “like Adams and Lynch” up to this point. He will eventually perform to what he has always been. that 15 points in half ppr is his FLOOR. His 150 yard multi TD game is coming. Likely this weekend. This is your last chance to buy.

If you cna swap out lynch for one of those other RBs, go for it but if you can’t take the deal. It’s still a good one.

Adams also has calf injury as of today and rodgers is also injured. Gimme the best WR in the league for past 5 years all day every day.


All I needed.

I’m waiting for the other guy’s response on my Coleman/Lewis offer, if he doesn’t take it then I’ll go with the Adams+Lynch combo for AB.

Lol. My train of thought notwithstanding, our conclusions were identical!

So then, is upgrading the RB lineup that takes that hit just next week’s project as @falcones404 said?

AB + Howard < – > Adams + Coleman + Lewis

I like that one better. But I would do this one that’s been proposed if it’s going to go away.

This season has made shit a lot more complicated though, I must say. In terms of rankings I mean. This is like the least definitively rankable season I ever recall. For any position too. Except TE.

And except Kamara.

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Week by week my friend. Week by week. He can make trades like Edelman for Lindsay and things of that nature. What’s available on Waivers in terms of RB/WR right now?

Kupp for Aaron jones+ another option.

Waiver wire right now

He needs better than Aaron Jones, but I agree that is the way to do it – with the secondary WR’s, who are awesome.

Get Bilal and Mike Davis.

Idk how much space you have but Nick Chubb is a great stash as well. One that could actually turn into a ROS thing with legitimate talent. Unclear if that will happen yet though.

Powell worth a stash. Chubb is worth a deep flier/stash as well. He’s the best back in that backfield. Can’t contain him forever.

Ito smith is another interesitng one and duke johnson is too. Johnson didn’t get as much usage with Tyrod but in his first game with Baker, was already getting significantly better ADOT. If they involve him more in receiving game, he’ll have like hines type value. Dude’s been one of the best receiving backs since joining the league and i believe in the offense with Baker.

Right on. Thanks for breaking it down. My league never trades, and I only know one of the guys in it. I geek out on Fantasy lately, but they don’t talk at all. Learning✌🏻

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@thomas_man You may end up being fine with K Johnson even. It’s hard to say. But I bet you could get D Freeman with some of your non-elite pieces even if you lose Lynch to get AB. That might be a season-making steal/bargain.