Giving up DAdams+Lynch to get AB, worth it?

I love Aaron Jones. I think he’s a potential league winner if he stays healthy. I also love Kupp but honestly if I had to pick and i needed RBs, I’d be willing to take Aaron Jones ROS. Having said that, I think if he trades Kupp, can get more than just jones. Which is why i said Kupp for Jones +.

what’s ROS btw?

I hear ya, and Jones is legit I concur. My problem with even messing w him is playing for GB, which has just been intent on copying the Pats unpredictable RBBC from the past 2 years, where nobody ends up with enough of the ball to be trusted all the way through the playoffs unfort.

But yes, A Jones + is def the foundation of what to look for. I still think D Freeman would be good since you have Coleman here, and Falcons schedule is really friendly. Guarantees a starting RB1 every week for a top 5 offense, essentially.

Well, starting RB2 or 1 depending on how they are doing.

Speaking of Aaron Jones, here is the guy who has him…

  1. This is a completely false narrative. Despite packers talking about how much they “love RBBC”, they actually typically use a work horse RB when they have one. Last year, first it was Tymont, then when he got injured, it was Jones, then it was williams. All getting games with 20 touches.

  2. Even if it was true, I’m fine with RBBC like patriots when it is for high scoring offenses. People fade the pats and yet pats consistently produce fantasy relevant RB1s year after year. I never understood the notion. Makes no sense to me.

  3. I fully expect Jones to win out this job. The talent gap between him and the other two is so far, it’s not even close. Buy low while you still can or you’ll regret it.

Rest of season.

Rest of Season

Wow he has jones and michel and he is starting Ingram? Looks like a sucker and a target.

SHould target either one of those guys to build up your RB base. Jones is probably cheaper. right now. If u can give like drake/lewis/edelman etc for him, do it.

This dudes team is super weird though. He stacked both saints RBs and then stacked both bengals WRs.

Callaway is another decent buy low option now with baker in. That dudes team is pretty stacked but he coupled so many skilled positions together which isn’t ideal.

Do you reckon he’ll give up Aaron Jones for Drake+Lewis? Is that fair-ish on both sides?

No idea. I haven’t given up on drake just yet tbh. I’m hoping gase stops being an idiot. But just talk to him and see who he likes on your roster. But maybe you can sell lewis in a full PPR. I personally would never give up jones for either of those guys.

Would Kupp > Jones be losing too much? I dont see him going for any of my backs…maybe Lynch but I doubt it.

Or maybe I could offer up Edelman for Jones? I just have a feeling Edelman is gonna come back and play really well with Tom Brady

If someone gave me jones for edelman, i’d do that in a heart beat but understand if you want ot hold him. If you were to give kupp, i would try and do a 2 for 1. I’m a huge jones truther but value wise in the current market, kupp probably is higher.

But if you got like Kupp for Jones + Callaway, i think that’s a pretty good deal cause you don’t lose WR depth.

It’s so hard to consider giving up Kupp after his monster week haha but I guess he’s already competing with Todd Gurley leading the running game strong and Brandin Cooks+Robert Woods…so maybe it was a one-off performance…but who knows!

I really wish this other guy would get back to me on the original trade:
AB < – > Adams + Tevin Coleman

Then I can look to trade for:
Jones < – > (someone)

I’ll have picked up AB and Aaron Jones in two trades, and given up Adams/a RB and maybe another for it…good gains for me I think

Okay I have traded
Adams+Lynch for AB

I also got Aaron Jones for Edelman. AND that guy just dropped Callaway for DHenry, so I’m gonna try to grab Callaway off waiver wire to fill that missing spot that Edelman left.

Thanks for everyone’s input and help. Feeling much more confident now with my line up with the addition of AB and Aaron Jones and hopefully Callaway too (gave away Adams, Lynch and Edelman).

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Big win

If you win the bid, another big win. I would be willing to spend to get callaway. The pairing with Baker is great. Callaway is a beast and already playing 95% of snaps which won’t really change going forward. Make sure you watch his injury though. I think he might have like pulled something last game. They have been using him a tonne.


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It is not. I sold Lynch for OBJ in one league but I had Gurley, Lynch, Mixon, Breida, White, and Alf at the time. Lynch is a great sell but only if you have the depth. you don’t so this doesn’t make you better.

Just cause you trade raped someone, doesn’t mean everyone should expect to trade rape lol. WHoever gave you OBJ for Lynch is an idiot.

I would agree if he didn’t get back aaron jones. Not to mention Adams is not practicing and is out this week with an injury. So is cobb and allison. Packers WRs are actually like all dead. Which means? More carries for jones and for him to prove yet again he is by far and away the best RB. Not to mention he’s going up against the trash lions run d. Jones is going to eat and eventually win out this job and probably be a borderline RB1/RB2 for ROS.

AB gets to go up against Atlanta falcons, at home. Couldn’t ask for a better matchup.

So now he gets to start AB + Aaron Jones instead of Adams + Lynch. Oh did I forget to mention lynch goes on the road against Chargers?

YOu need to consider the situation of others, not just benchmark against your own lopsided trades. Be forward thinking. What jones was is not what he will be down the road.

Did I get the better end of the deal, yes because the dude also took Hogan.

Is AB for Lynch + Adams a good trade, not unless you’re the guy selling AB.

through 4 weeks:

Lynch RB 10
Adams WR 18
AB WR 19

Where do I think they end up ROS

Lynch RB 12
Adams WR 20

For that reason, no it’s still a bad sell. No one should be selling Lynch for what his draft value was at this point until something changes. Amari can’t catch the ball so treating Lynch as anything but a low end RB1 is asinine.