Giving up Gronk

Just rejected a trade for Gronk where i’d get Chris Hogan and Alex Collins. Feel like that’s a pretty easy offer to reject. That guy owns Gurley, though, and I know he’s high on McCaffrey and wants to stack him with Cam Newton. So i’m thinking about countering: Gronk & McCaffrey for Gurley. Questions:

  1. If you’re the Gurley owner do you take that (irrespective of liking McCaffrey)?
  2. Am I giving up too much?

8 team 0.5ppr league. Lots of good streaming options at TE (including Trey Boo Boo who could be a weekly play) so i’m happy giving up Gronk if the price is good.

in an 8 team league, I am not giving up Gronk, for basically anything short of a goldrush haul.

The positional advantage he offers is second to none. And I also love CMC. Especially this season given the usage. Just hope he lasts. He is a true work horse back now. Legit has the shot at cracking 1k + 1K, the original mark we had all set for DJ.

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Don’t give up Gronk and CMC for Gurley.
As @MikeMeUpp said, the Gronk positional advantage is huge and I would water bet that CMC does go 1000 and 1000 this season barring injury.
Gurley is fantastic and would be nice to have, but not for Gronk and CMC. If I’m the Gurley owner I would take that deal.
Playing Gronk every week vs streaming the likes of Trey Boo Boo is like playing CMC vs Alf Morris (coming from a Burton owner).
If the other owner is super high on CMC, see how much they are willing to give up for him though…

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I’ve been saying this as well. Not sure if I’m confident enough to waterbet it but I would say that there is a realistic scenario where this happens. He is running like a man possessed. Dude is straight up shedding tackles and embarrassing line backers all over the league right now.