Go for Drake or Shepherd?

So here’s the deal: full pt PPR 14 teams. I have a decent team but due to some really awkward weeks I’m 3-5. I have $36 left in FAAB and am trying to make one last move to set me up for the playoffs.

My RBs: Murray, Ingram, Ellington, Stewart
My WRs: Julio, Garcon, Decker, Agholor

I know the rb situation in Miami is up in the air. Do you think either of these guys are startable over my guys? I’d probably want drake for Murray (he’s been so lackluster this season) and possibly Shepherd over Garcon (idk if this makes sense). Or maybe just to have as a solid flex. Sorry if the question is all over the place but any input would be helpful. Thanks!!!

I think I would try and go for Sheperd Dolphins offense is garbage i would want no part to do with that S.S is the #1 wr so he should have some decent games

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Good point. If Ajayi couldn’t get it done in Miami what would make me think Drake would somehow be a top tier RB?