Go grab Spencer Ware!

If people did not take the ballers advice and stash handcuffs go and do so now with Ware. I personally don’t think the NFL will do anything about this Kareem Hunt thing until next season, but go grab him where available just incase!


I had picked him up a couple days ago. And this just got me so damn excited. My playoffs are two weeks per matchup so they start this week.

Opponent has Hunt, I now have Ware and the deepest RB group in the game, #Winning.

Gurley - Mixon - Cook - Cohen - Adams - Ware - Murray. The biggest issue is who to start in my two Flex spots with Gurley and Mixon as my 1-2.

Haha I feel yuh. In one league I have…

Hunt - Conner - Chubb - Jones - Ware - Adams

Only need to start 2 so while it sucks not having Hunt I’m ok I think. (Famous last words)

Luckily in my other league I had Hunt and Ware as well so not terrible position