Go with Ravens or pick up Browns

Ravens D hosting Denver or do I pick up the Browns hosting the Jets for the week?

I’ve picked up the Browns, admittedly I dropped the Saints but the Ravens where also dropped and i had a pause myself but sticking with the Browns.

When I’m streaming D’s i like to where possible find a 2 week patch the Browns have the Jets this week which should mean turnovers and sacks and next week they have the Raiders in week 4 vs the Ravens who have Denver which with the way their secondary is playing could be risky and if Mosley is out they will be hurting followed up with a trip to Pittsburgh with Big Ben at home and all there receiving weapons i don’t like the next two weeks for the Ravens more than the Browns who look pretty good on D.

Say what you will about Greg Williams, he’s D’s always play aggressive and get sacks and turnovers and the Browns have the talent that side of the ball to get it done.

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Now that’s a good assessments thank you very much sir. Going with the Browns!!! I like the schedule ahead that you mentioned. Didn’t even think of that.

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I’m in it with you and I’m sure many other streamers! Fingers crossed Cleveland gets the job done Thursday night!