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So here’s my question. Right now Gurley is going early to mid 2nd. Where do y’all feel comfortable taking him? If you do take him Henderson is going in the 6th round range. Do you plan on taking him as well? Because 6th is not really a throw away round. Very costly for a backup if Gurley is good to go.

I was able to grab Gurley in the mid 3rd in my dynasty superflex 10 team league. I was able to grab Henderson in the 9th. 6th is too early for me. I would agree if you grab Gurley you would need to consider his handcuff later down the draft and what that costs you.

I’m fine with Gurley anywhere after:


so… pick 7 I would rather have Gurley than Hopkins… If I got Gurley in the 2nd round, I’d be absolutely ecstatic… he will be fine, and once again an absolute touchdown machine… draft Henderson AND Brown if you’re that damn worried… but you definitely want whoever is running behind the Rams line…

The 3rd round for the top position point producer in fantasy the past two seasons IN A ROW is absolutely absurd… they will cut a few carries back… it’;s way less of an issue than the knee out of college… people need to calm down, he is absolutely elite, and is MUCH more likely be the top pick, again, next year after he proves it, again, than to fall off a cliff and do nothing this year.

If @hando99 got Gurley in the 3rd round, go ahead and give him the trophy… also dunce hats for everyone in the league… including @hando99 for passing on him in the 2nd round

I got a dunce hat and a trophy! :sweat_smile:

I was basing my projections on their current ADP on sleeper.

I’m starting to believe that the reward of owning Gurley far outweighs the risk. I’m 100% positive that Gurley’s usage will be down, but the gap from Gurley to the rest of the field was so stark that the idea he’ll go from being RB1 to being the RB8 or worse is a bit odd to me.

I’ll take 75% of Gurley over anyone other than Saquon/Zeke/CMC

That’s the way I thought about it as well. I would include Kamara in my list this year but it’s because I’m biased being from TN. If you were to get Gurley would you hedge and get Henderson in the 6th?

I don’t think I would that early… ADP data at this point is spotty at best, and I’ve seen him everywhere from the 9th round to the 13th round but I haven’t seen that early. In the 9th I’d consider it, especially if I was a Gurley owner.

6th round I’m still filling out my roster - I’d rather get a piece of a guy like Coleman or Latavius Murray who are good bets to contribute regardless of what happens to their respective backfields. If Gurley is relatively healthy, then Henderson is a tough play, even on bye weeks.

Yea, if he goes down then Henderson has some exceptional value, but either I’m betting on Gurley’s health or I’m avoiding him all together.

I’ve been taking him if he falls to 3rd. Otherwise been fading. Even if I take Gurley, I’m fading Henderson 100% at current cost. Hype is out of control.

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I thought sixth was way too early as well. We just switched our league from ESPN to Sleeper and turning it into a 3 player keeper league. Since we were switching I thought I would try some mock drafts in the app and they have him going on average at pick 68. Before Coleman and Lamar Miller. I would much rather have a potential starter in Coleman particularly but also don’t know who will end up the starter in SF.

I’m agreeing with @BratwurstNightmare in saying that I’d rather bank on any of those 6 guys ahead of Gurley. He’s the biggest question mark in fantasy going into the season I think. I would gamble on him in the 2nd & would snatch him in the 3rd no doubt. He’s tough to project because we really don’t know how healthy he is, but I’d be willing to bet that he finishes as an RB1 as long as he plays over 12-13 games.
As far as Henderson in the 6th, no thank you. I might flinch in the 9th, but as of today I wouldn’t want him until the double digit rounds. I see how explosive he can be & I hope I eat my words, but he’s not going to be a workhorse back THIS season regardless of Gurley. If Gurley gets hurt, I’d project Henderson getting >50% of touches, but they would certainly run with 2-3 backs.

That’s fair. I’m just in the group of people that feels all running backs are on play away from missing the season, and unless I know he’s not going to play, I’m not completely fading him. I wouldn’t take him with the first 3 or 4 picks of the draft; but if I’m at the end of the first, that’s when I start to consider how I could mitigate the risk and add Gurley knowing that if he’s even REMOTELY healthy, he’s a top 3 back for most fantasy formats…