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Godwin and kerryon for OBJ?


10T full ppr redraft league…my current roster is Sony kerryon Chubb Cook murray drake Mostert Martin barner Landry Sanders Lockett and Godwin…would u trade Godwin and kerryon for obj?


Personally, I would.


If you’re getting OBJ, take and run very fast and very far.


Yea I would b receiving obj…the trade was proposed to me too lol


I probably would too. Kerryon is tough to give up right now, you really need him because Sony and Cook are out and if those two were healthy it would be a completely different story. That said you are getting OBJ which is a much higher value for basically Kerryon, Godwin is on waivers in some places so he isnt super high in value.


Yea well now he wants Lockett instead of Godwin and in my league players also get 1 pt per 10 yards on punt and kick returns…


Take obj - if you have RB depth, obj is getting peppered with targets - ny is almost always playing from behind leaning they have to throw or make a play - Eli sucks but still worth


I have both Godwin and Kerryon too and would be ecstatic if the OBJ owner wanted to do that trade. Even for Lockett I think that’s an even better trade for you honestly. Sony, Chubb and Murray will hold you over RB-wise until Cook comes back, and now you’re getting an awesome WR 1 to stock with Landry and Sanders.


the kick returns thing is interesting, I’ve always wanted to get points for this. I hate when I have a returner and they get to like the 10 and i would have had the touchdown but get nothing.


Yea it makes it more interesting drafting wrs like lockett u get super late and they put up numbers like a wr1 last year he finished 9th best wr in my league