Godwin/Carson for Kamara plus Hilton or Juju? (Full PPR)

This may be my counteroffer for the trade offer I received yesterday, which was D Cook/Godwin/C Samuel for Kamara/Juju/Ridley, which I turned down.

If accepted, would leave me with Cook, Kamara, Gore, Penny and Barber at RB and Julio, C Samuel, McLaurin, Mike Williams and either Hilton or Juju, whichever I go with (leaning towards Hilton).

Reluctant to part with Godwin as he’s WR1 but wondering if the group of Cook, Kamara, Julio and Hilton/Juju would be better than Cook, Carson, Julio and Godwin.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

That Kamara Cook Julio Hilton is mouthwatering

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I was thinking that too.

Was also thinking of tabling the whole thing for a bit, as this is Hilton’s bye week, next week is Godwin’s, and now I’m seeing Kamara turned up on the injury report today for his ankle. Could end up to be nothing but we’ll see.

Yeah, now I see Carson also got put on the SEA injury report for his shoulder. Again, could be nothing, but more signs are pointing towards at least waiting on this one.

If you can get away with waiting the week I would wait. Swapping Hilton for Godwin will buy you an extra week with Hilton coming out of the bye.

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Guy has tried to get Godwin from me since the draft, I’m betting he’d be willing to wait and may even take Godwin during his bye next week. If it were me I’d rather wait until both were done with their byes (since they’re only a week apart) but I don’t think he’d want to hold until Week 8.