Godwin concussion

I have Godwin as my WR2, since he may be possibly out week 2 for concussion, I have Tyler Boyd or Darius Slayton as back ups. I am leaning more towards Boyd due to the more favorable defense matchup, however, he still has a rookie QB and has to contend with Green and Mixon for cathes. Slayton has a better connection with his QB but he has to contend with Barkley, Shepard, Engram, and Tate (when he is back). Or I can actually pick up D Jax off waivers, but who would I drop? Decisions are the worst sometimes. Thanks for any help footballers.

Boyd is the safe option he did have Harris last week on him so might explain the volume , but slayton seems to be favoured by Jones and he’s not disappointed I’d personally go slayton

Thanks for the help.