Godwin dynasty trade advice

I’m trying to get a trade done in my dynasty league. I have offered Godwin, Fournette and Goodwin for Damien, 1.08 and Allen Robinson. Not sure if that is enough to get it done. Any opinion would be nice to hear thanks guys!

I would rather have the Godwin/Fournette/Goodwin side actually
Godwin = Robinson
Fournette > Damien Williams

  • I’m probably in the minority here; but, I have Fournette slightly higher in redraft and dynasty rankings. He’s simply the better player. He had a down year due to issues with the ownership/gm/coaching, him being out of shape, and injury. All of those are or will be resolved. Meanwhile, Williams has the best opportunity but the talent is mediocre. So, I lean Fournette.
    Goodwin > 1.08
  • Weak draft class, the only likely RB/WR value will be in the top 5 picks. Meanwhile, Goodwin has just as likely of a chance to be the #1 in SF as anyone, there’s just not enough data yet.

So, because I slightly lean in favor of the Godwin/Fournette/Goodwin side, then the deal is absolutely good enough to get Damien/Robinson/1.08