Godwin hype - trade advice

Thoughts on me trading Godwin for lockett 2019 3.1(21 overall pick) and right to swap 2nds in 2020 if I choose to. I’m in win now they finished last this year. 10 team ppr dynasty where I’m stacked at WR. Thanks!

I would hold Godwin right now.

If you must trade him, I would aim higher. That is a a pretty lateral move.

This move is very lateral as lockett & godwin are very close in rank…The only way I make this move is you are in a rebuild and need the extra picks…

Thanks for the perspective. I was thinking Lockett has some upside with the Baldwin retirement. If its lateral would it make sense to make the trade for the additional 3rd round pick this year and the right to swap 2nds next year in a talented 2020 class?

I agree. Lockett does have upside. But so does Godwin. I think determining who has more is arguable.

A 3rd in dynasty is not worth a lot unless you are working on a rebuild. I look at it as almost 0 value.

An option to swap seconds is beneficial to a rebuild but not quantifiable during a trade now.

I look at this trade as just Lockett for Godwin.

Godwin’s ADP in dyasnty is 42 and considered WR20. You need to get that type of value in trade, otherwise, I hold.

Lockett’s ADP is 53 and considered WR32.

Either get a first rounder along with Lockett or hold onto Godwin. THE HYPE IS REAL!

Agreed with above and would add that Lockett may trend down in the next few seasons with DK addition and commitment to the run. Of course, they may be forced to pass with below average D. Godwin has more long term and predictable upside. The only way he sucks is if Jameis is awful or he just busts but that can happen with any player in this range. The unpredictability of 3rd round picks means I would hold Godwin or aim for Lockett and a 2nd this year or next yer to cushion risk. Think of it as trading Godwin for Lockett and Hollywood Brown or J.J. Arcega Whiteside. Probably better prosepects in 2nd round next year. I’m trying to horde 2nd rounders next year.