Godwin, Keke, and Mack for Drake, Crowell, and D. Martin

I have Kamara and Hunt and C. Clement. My WRs are Sanders and Juju
Do you think i should take this trade? the only other RBs on my team are spencer ware

You are giving up Mack?

I sorry I should have been a little more specific

I have drake Crowell and doug Martin

The Marlon mack owner is also throwing in godwin and coutee in the trade

I think this is straight up highway robbery, but the victim is asking you to take his stuff :rofl:

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So who wins the trade? Me getting mack coutee and godin or him getting drake Crowell and d martin?

Whoever is getting Mack, the rest is just icing.

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at first I was kinda of hesitant to accept the trade but the footclan got my back thanks fam