Godwin on waivers but

Godwin is on waivers but I have a shallow bench. I know Baldwin is finally showing up but do I drop him considering TB is more dedicated to passing than SEA?
I know I have 2 TE, but deep league and all

17 team, full PPR

QB- Rivers
WR- KAllen, Theilen, Corey Davis, Baldwin
RB- Mixon, AJones, Collins, Breida
TE- Kittle, Burton

Pretty damn impressive team for a 17 team league. I know some people will disagree with me, but I would keep your players as is and not drop anyone to get godwin. If you are able to trade some of that bench away, say burton + breida/collins for an upgrade at rb, that may be a good move and then you could pick up godwin if you would like, but he’s definitely not a must pick up with that team.

Even better yet if you could package a wr instead of those rbs - but that is definitely easier said than done (assuming this is a competitive league).

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RB depth has been tough this year and this league hasn’t been very trade friendly… Thank you!