Godwin or Julio for Kamara?

OK, trade deadline is Saturday so this is the last time I’ll bring this up. The offer would be Godwin straight up for Kamara, thinking of countering with Julio.

First, do we trust Kamara and his knee/ankle ROS to trade for him at all? Second, should I trade either Godwin or Julio for him, or am I better off keeping both WRs and staying with Cook/Carson at RB?

Full PPR, thanks loads.

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I would definitely stick with Cook and Carson along with Godwin and Julio

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Are you not sold that Kamara’s healthy or do you just think Cook/Carson/Godwin/Julio is the better play regardless?

IF I could land Kamara for Godwin, done deal. Who are your other WRs?

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Currently my other WRs are Julio, C. Samuel, M. Williams and McLaurin.

You’d prefer to trade Godwin instead of Julio?

Absolutely, I would!

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Thanks, that would make the main part of my lineup Cook, Carson, Kamara and Julio – making the trade either way would make me a little thin at WR but having those 3 RBs will maybe make up for it. I’m in 2nd place for now, taking on 1st place team this week, and hopefully this sets me up well to win a title.

Ya know, like I mentioned before, if you could flip Carson and Williams/Samuels for Kamara, that would be sweeeet!
But, if you can’t, have you seen Terry McLaurins playoff schedule??? JUICE

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I don’t think he’ll go for that, he’s wanted Godwin since draft, but I can suggest it.