Godwin or Marin Jones?

Full PPR - completely torn on this one. I’m leaning Godwin for now with Stafford’s injury. Any input would be appreciated!

What about Godwin’s injury and matchup? Rankings have Godwin well ahead of Jones, but Stafford is likely to play and hard to see this not being a throwing bonanza.

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That’s what is making it tough - logically I feel like it’s Jones too, but all the rankings I can find have Godwin well ahead of Jones.

I’m having the same problem. Can’t decide between Godwin, Marvin Jones it Andrews. Had jones in until the Stafford news. Now I’m putting Andrews in

I expect both games to have high scores but I am leaning Godwin.
The only reason I’m leaving Godwin on my bench is bc I have Evans. And I wanna play woods over Godwin atm

Luckily, since I couldn’t convince myself Marvin Jones was the play, I went with Godwin. 06%20AM

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Nice. I should have listened to my own advice.
I still won my leagues but Godwin sat on my bench with 45 points. Lol