Godwin or Reynolds?

Deciding between Godwin or Reynolds in my flex 2. Have hope and concerns for both players, lmk what you think!

Tough call. Jackson is out which helps Godwin.

Plus TB/Car has a high total.

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Damn man… that one is closer than Sutton or Reynolds. My only concern with Godwin is that Humphries has been getting more targets, it has taken away from Godwin. There is a lot of mouths to feed on both teams. With the Panthers being the worst team against tight ends, you have to think Brate will get around 8 targets, and you know Evans will get his. So where do the other targets go…? That is where it is a toss up between Godwin and Humphries. The offense for the Rams is more potent so I am leaning more toward Reynolds. The only problem with Reynolds is if they get a huge lead quick, they might go run heavy…

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Yup there’s the positives for Godwin which I really like. But Humphries has been emerging and Brate will be heavily targeted.

Lol ya it’s such a toss up really. I do think Reynolds is safer but not by much. Just not sure who has the better chance of hitting their ceiling. So much to consider!

Agree on the toss up man, matchup wise Godwin has the edge by just a little. Plus the Panthers defense has struggled a little over the last few games. Rams have the better offense, which like I said could hurt if they get too much of a lead. Tampa really has no run game so you know Winston is throwing 300-400 yards. Now that I keep typing more, my decision for Reynolds is not as confident… lol, they are both close man. I think you gotta go with your gut feeling on this.

Haha my gut is telling me Reynolds, but so many signs point to Godwin. I think I’m just annoyed with Godwin right now because he’s always done well on my bench but not better than mediocre in my lineup so I’m trying to justify Reynolds lol.

When the Rams do go up by a good amount and they likely pull their starters for the 4th, do you think there’s a chance Reynolds stays in to gain more experience and becomes their #1 option through the air?

Also just had MT put up a disappointing performance in my lineup if that makes any difference. My opponent played Ingram though so it basically cancelled out.

I could definitely see Reynolds staying in for more experience man, he is the WR3 for the Rams now so I’m sure they want to make him as comfortable as he can be with his routes before the playoffs. And you got lucky on that man… I have Kamara, thank god his 8 catches saved him in PPR.

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