Godwin - Quad? Concerned?

Popping up on injury list with a quad a couple of days before a game sounds suspect, but logging a partial practice suggests he’s going.

Do you worry about it out of the gate?

Not especially. Hopefully you have a backup ready to plug in but I’d wait on practice reports for Wednesday before I really get any worry.

Yeah. I have good WR depth. I just hate hearing leg injury WR

Not concerned that he’ll miss the game this week, but it’s a little concerning given his prior injury history. He was banged up a lot last year and he’s already hurt again? Just gives you the feeling of here we go again…

Makes you miss the old days, when players din’t get paid much, so they just played for the love of the game–and they wouldn’t let a little thing like a broken leg keep them from playing in the Super Bowl.

Looks like a game-time decision, so yes it has me concerned. I hate trying to guess if guys are going to really play or are just suited up to run a few dummy routes to keep def back. Not a great way to start…

Unless something changed he wasn’t even on the final injury report today. Still something to monitor.

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