Godwin vs Kupp

Who has the better week?

Godwin vs Arizona
Kupp @Pit.

Kupp is projected more in my PPR league format for the ballers have Godwin and Evans as the #1 and #2 WR this week. What do you guys think? Who would you start out of the two? (Yes I can only pick one)

I think Godwin, Pittsburg D has been pretty good and arizona is crap

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Yeah Kupp would probably be shadowed my Minkah while Godwin would benefit from Paterson being on Evans

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Thanks guys! Does Patterson on Evans scare you away from playing Evans?

I’m still going to play him. I feel it could be an even matchup. Peterson might get an INT and Evans will have a TD. I feel Winston will feed him even if it’s forced

Benching the WR1 on the year seems pretty silly no matter the matchup.