Godwin -- Which Is The Better Trade

These are the 2 offers I have so far for Godwin:

Godwin for Kamara, straight up, provided he’s fine after the bye week (else no deal)


Godwin for Josh Jacobs and Ridley (counteroffer)

Or pass on both?

His current WRs ahead of Ridley are Hilton and Juju. If it helps, he also has Saquon and I already have Julio from ATL. Trade deadline is a week from Saturday.

Full PPR. Thanks in advance.

Idk I think I’d try and go for an RB that will take all of the primary carries. Kamara will still be great but Murray has earned more of a role. He will still be an RB1 but Godwin is a top 5 guy right now. But I guess you could say he’s in the same boat with Evans haha it really depends on if you need a WR or RB more

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My RBs are Cook, Carson, Gore and Mattison, and I may get Miles Sanders off waivers tomorrow.

My other WRs are Julio, McLaurin, C. Samuel and Mike Williams.

Was considering trading Carson anyway straight up for a similar-level WR (brought up in a separate post), but for now this is what I have.

Gotcha. Yeah I’d look to secure a deal with Carson first. I’m looking to deal him as well. Maybe try and look towards the Jacobs owner. Good schedule and they have the Jets week 16. Carson has been great but there starting center just hit IR today so that can put a cap on his production

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This is true, plus Carson has a really tough schedule ROS anyway.

For the next few weeks yes. Weeks 14 to 16 is actually pretty good haha but yeah losing Britt hurts that line

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