Goedert or Gesicki?

Need help with a little bit of game theory here. Format is PPR and I am a decent underdog. My opponent is starting Zach Ertz. I’ve been starting Goedert the last couple weeks (sad drafter of OJ Howard here). So do I roll with Goedert in the hopes that he steals the TDs from Ertz thereby helping me and hurting my opponent at the same time? Or do I roll with Gesicki vs. NYJ since their starting safety, Jamaal Adams, is likely out? I am leaning Gesicki but wanted to bounce it off some of the Footclan. What say you?

I lean gesicki too. Adams was the reason TEs have had a rough time against the jets and I think they’re plan of attack will be around Parker. I’m liking gesicki. I feel like he’s on the up and is one of the ridiculous athletes.

I think this is against popular belief though.

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Both should be fine plays this week. I’m forced to go with Goedert in my full PPR league this week due to injuries and such, but Gesicki would probably earn my start if I had him

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