Goff for Kelce?

Trade deadline is coming up and looking at some final trade options…

I have Ebron and Doyle at TE and don’t really want to have to deal with the time share headache.

Would you trade Goff and Ebron or Doyle for Kelce? I have Newton as my QB1.
Opponent has Wilson and Mayfield so Goff is perhaps (likely?) not enough of an upgrade given the downgrade at TE… but thoughts?

On the other side, I do like having 2 solid QBs just in case of injuries…

Standard scoring.

This would be a fantastic last minute trade for you.

Don’t forget Kelce has a Bye in week 12 though. But that shouldn’t stop you

Kelce owner would never go for it. Sorry

Would do that in a heartbeat. Was it actually offered to you or are you just speculating?

Good luck getting that trade. As a Kelce owner, that offer doesn’t even warrant a response.

I am considering MAKING the offer, though, I expect Hazel11 is correct

Right. Mike and Hazel are saying the same thing

Absolutely, Cam is fantastic for ROS and Kelce is top 2 te in the league