Goff or Dalton ROS, looking to trade

who would you rather have rest of season. ill be able to package one of them to get matt ryan, just trying to figure out which one

All 3 of those options seems terrible… you’ll have better luck playing QB’s off the waiver wire each week, sorry but that what I think…

im in a deep league so no streamers and ryan has been averaging around 35pts a game so he is fine in my league

Well in that case I would pick Matt Ryan without even thinking. He will do way better than Goff or Dalton, I’m surprised he’s averaging that much… dude pick him, he’s the obvious choice…

For the record, Matt Ryan is only averaging 15 points in my leaue… that’s why I hate all of those options

yea its a terrible league that has way to much points and bonuses being thrown around, i joined my buddies league at the last minute

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