Goff or Luck?

I’m generating a lot of interest in my league for one of my two QBs…I don’t kno who I want to keep tho and who to trade…I have Luck and Goff I desperately need a solid consistent playmaker in return…my league is a 10T full ppr redraft league and QBs get 6pts on tds and bonus 5 pts on passing over 325 yards per game…I hav one offer on the table for Goff offering me Cory Clement, Drake and Lockett and also in our league we get pts for punt and kick return yards so Lockett has been very solid every week so far never scoring under 14pts…

Any suggestions?

Bump Bump please

I would trade Luck and keep Goff, I have luck in one of my leagues and i actually just traded John Brown for Goff. The Indy offense is banged up right now and looking at their schedule it is much tougher than the Rams’s schedule. I think the rams are a much better offense anyways and will be in position to score more often. My only concern with Goff is that Gurley will just run in all the TDs.

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Unfortunately no one is sold on luck in my league jus yet and I hav one guy super interested in Goff and willing to give up a top wr for him possibly Evans Lockett or hill

If you can get Evans or Hill, do it.

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I’m in the minority here but I prefer Luck to Goff. And given Goff currently valued higher than Luck, I’m trading Goff and Keeping luck pretty much.

Well that’s wat it’s looking like Is gonna happen I’m gonna trade Goff for a legit stud WR1 and keep Luck as my guy…

I’m a believer in Luck. I drafted him, then dropped him and then picked him up again this week. His arm strength is coming back and he’s slinging it all over the place, especially in garbage time. I looked at their schedule and am generally not scared off by it. I assume they will be behind and they won’t want to even try to run the ball much. Once Hilton is healthy and they get things together I think Luck has a chance to be a top 5 QB the 2nd half of the season. So I wouldn’t mind keeping Luck and getting what you can for Goff.

If you can convince someone to give you a WR1 for any QB, you do it. That is highway robbery.

Yea I drafted luck as well and the last two games his arm is fine the problem is the idiots he has to throw to…

Haha I’m working on it!

I’d keep Goff but if you can get Evans or Hill and still have Luck that’s not bad.