Goff or Newton ROS?

trying to package one of the two in a trade. I think Newton has higher trade value but is he also the better option going forward? I’m falling a bit into recency bias with my opinion on Goff, but I think this is the year where everything clicks for him.

That’s a close one - 4 point or 6 point per passing td? One thing about Goff that worries me slightly is there are going to be games where they don’t need him to throw a lot to win games. I would stick with Cam. I’m also not sure you’re going to be able to get a big haul for Goff in a trade, so if you have the bench space maybe consider keeping both?

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Yeah it depends on your league’s scoring entirely

4pt for passing TD and -2 for INT. I’ll probably end up keeping Goff on the bench hoping someone will bite…