Goff or Rivers Week 15

Who would you guys play for this week.

I have both Phillip rivers going against Kansas City and Jared Goff going against the Eagles.

Who would you play?

Goff. Eagles secondary is straight trash.

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I think so too! But Goff has been garbage, I think imma trust in Goff at home. Phillip rivers plays at Kansas city where it’s hard for anyone to win.


Home goff > Road goff.

He can’t play in the cold and to be fair, he went up against the leagues best defense.

He’s been stellar at home this season.

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Good looking out bro. I can see you are right.

You got any questions that I can possibly give my input on?

Yeah can you tell me how I’m supposed to win when the fantasy gods supposedly hate me? Built a super team and lost OBJ/Conner last week and survived. Who knows if either play. And this week I lost Wentz in a superflex league so finding replacements is not possible.

Not a question. More a vent. Fantasy is so cruel sometimes…


Damn man. I have Conner/ Ekeler, Gordon in another league so I feel you. Luckily I had backups with Chubb and Aaron jones!

I would stream Dak, or Josh Allen if they are available!

Its a superflex and deep league. No starting QBs are on the waiver so those are not options.

I have jones already so he’s already in there. I drated him in basically every single league I am in.

Whats your starting lineup looking like this week with bench for your league see if I would change anything.

QB- Goff
WR1- M. Thomas
WR2- K. Allen
TE- Ertz
K- Tucker
D- Texans

Bench- Rivers, Sony Michel, Jaylen Samuels, Calvin Ridley, Jimmy Graham, Rams D

QB - Watson
SF - Baker
WR1 - Keenan Allen
WR2 - Michael Thomas
RB1 - Jones
RB2 - Dixon
Flex - Humpries
TE - Kelce

Bench - Sutton, Wentz, Kerryon, Conner, Vance, Ito, David Moore, Zay Jones

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You got a fine set of WR1-WR2 my dude haha

To be honest I would play David Moore over Humpries IF and only if Baldwin is out again.
you need Conner to come back this week!

Yeah I’m monitoring that one. If Baldwin is out I’ll consider it. Although his 5 targets for 0 yards stat line wasn’t entirely encouraging. And he lines up on Sherman’s side for the most part.

I went heavy Zero RB drafts this year so most of my teams are all elite WR with heavy doses of Jones/Michel in later rounds.

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Good luck in the Semis bros! Get back on here next week so that we can talk week 16 for finals! Ill see you THERE! Finals baby!