GOFF @ Seattle or BORTLES Vs JAX ? Week 15 TOUGH!

GOFF @ Seattle or BORTLES Vs JAX ?? Week 15 TOUGH!!

Sea. weather chilly, windy and rain.

Jax sunny and cool

Can I trust Bortles?

I have the same exact problem… I’m taking a shot with Bortles

Bortles vs Jax? Lol he’s IN Jax

Same dilemma. Im going with Bortles

Bortles here

Sorry bortles in Hou. Sorry.

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Same predicament and leaning towards Bortles. Does fournette being out change expectations?

Some say it’ll only help Bortles. I don’t think it matters really. He’s gonna beast.

Same here I got either Goff or Bortles for the championship and I’ve been so indecisive but I’m going with Bortles