Goin for Mahomes... will this work?

Full PPR.

I’m offering Justin Fields, Tannehill, DeVonta Smith and Chase Edmonds for Mahomes and Devin Singletary.

His RB’s are Chris Carson, James Connor, Damien Williams and Devin Singletary.
His WR’s are Godwin, Marvin Jones, Pittman, Curtis Samuel and Mooney.

My RB’s are Dalvin Cook, Antonio Gibson, Edmonds, Fournette and TySon Williams.
My WR’s are Justin Jefferson, Robert Woods, Tee Higgins, Aiyuk and Devonta Smith.

Do I need to make a better offer?

He is also a huge Bears fan and has been saying to offer him a trade for Fields

I personally don’t think he’ll take it cause its a 4 for 2, but if he’s a bears fan maybe…?

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Ok, updated Fields, Antonio Gibson and Devonta Smith for Mahomes and Chris Carson

If he accepts that, please give him my card. I have a bridge I’m trying to unload…

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