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Going After A WR1...Need Help


I think my RBs are solid but my WR corps need a big upgrade. I’m targeting one of the high end WRs but I’m unsure what to package to entice the other owners. Thanks in advance! This is my team:

Keenan Allen
T.Y. Hilton
Davante Adams
Terrelle Pryor Sr.
Brandon Marshall
Devonte Freeman
Ezekiel Elliot
Isaiah Crowell
Doug Martin
Kareem Hunt
Zach Ertz


I 'm in the train of thought that Kareem Hunt’s trade value will never be higher than it is right now. He might win you your league or he may be JAG.

To me a package that works would have Kareem Hunt + Keenan or TY for Antonio, Odell, Gronk and if possible Leveon or DJ. I don’t like Julio but if he’s high on your list then that too.

Hunt straight up for the next tier of studs like Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Dez.


You could always try to package keenan Allen and TY hilton for a big name for someone who went running back heavy early in the draft. I would keep you RB’s as they are hard to comeby. look for guys like Cupp and John Brown on the waiver wire to try and pick them up.

Personally I do not like Devante Adams and you can always look to trade him to a packers fan in the league

TY is also iffy with luck’s injury? is he going to get reinjured? he was on my DND

I have K.Allen on my team and he has a really tough schedule to start. that is why i recommend packaging those 2. if you could package those 2 and try to get AJ your team is awesome. plus you would have a roster spot for a guy like J.Brown, Cupp, Marlon Mack, Kennith DIxon, etc…