Going after Bell

I mentioned this on a post the other day, but I sent the trade tonight for him to consider. Thoughts?

EDIT: He’s 1-7 as of tonight and has been close in a lot of matches, but this season is out for him, he’s building for next year at this point. I think he might be wise to do it, though beating me will be difficult, beating 75% of the league this year and next might be possible.

EDIT2: This looked better before Brown and Lewis crapped the bed this week though… oh well…


Lol you’re being a tad harsh on Lewis “crapping the bed” considering he was on a Bye haha. He was probably in bed, literally. I guess maybe he crapped it. Never know after seeing some of these guys’ personal lives that get publicized…


Dont see him doing it. I traded away bell for diggs and Royce freeman I’m doing better on the year though at 5-3 with some good running backs. But I feel that’s low balling considering wr that are probably sitting on waivers this week

Also I dont have much faith in bell after all of this to much risk

Ha! Good point. I was thinking of Just about all of my other guys this week… Brees, Burton, Brown…

I hear ya, it is a lot of risk and before this week I wouldn’t have even considered it. what I forgot to say (which is ironic since I’m always railing on it in other posts) is that this is a 4-man keeper, .5ppr, 10 team league.

Also just wanted to point out that there’s a 3rd round pick thrown in there. It’s easy to miss.

Yah I see that now. He may do it if he is worried. If that was my only offer on bell though I would prefer to keep him and see what happens

I just wish he’d make up his mind. Sent it yesterday and haven’t heard back.

Yah some guys suck try someone else. I wanted to make a few other trades this year but same things. Guys were taking way to long and I hate leaving trade offere up for long