Going all in Trade for Julio & Diggs?

I have an offer for me to pick up Diggs and Julio but I give up 4&5&Chubb.

PPR league: this would give me the following lineup (we start 3WR, 2RB, 2Flex)

WR: AJ, Allen, Landry, Diggs, Julio, Kirk
RB: Gordorn, Johnson, Cohen, Lindsay, Mack

I’m really looking hard at this. We’ve never exchanged draft picks before.

what are your record this season? If you believe this is a season you will really fight for the title, then you should considered. If you are not that well, i wouldnt touch the picks.
That said, you would have 5 top WRs to start every week.
I think it all depends on how all in do you want to go this season…

we play double headers so no one is completely running away with it. I’m 5-8 top team is 8-4. I’m in the 6 spot.

I could back the trade down and just do a 4 for Diggs. He’s a buy low guy. I’d keep Chubb then and another buffer.

do it, that’s nothing to pay in terms of Draft Picks. I traded away a 4th and 5th round pick for considerably less. do it and don’t look back for Julio and Diggs. think about it; how many blow ups do you have every year with high draft capital players?

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