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Going from redraft to keeper - advice wanted


So we’ve had this league for a while and we want to shake things up by going to a keeper format. We’d be drafting fresh this season. We agreed to keep up to 2 players per season. Does anyone have advice on how the best way to attribute cost to these keepers? I’ve heard sacrificing the pick one round ahead of where he was drafted the previous year, but how does that work if you want to keep your first rounder? Or in this format, are first round draft picks not keepable? I think I’d like to go with something like this rather than a salary cap format because some league members fear larger changes like that.

Bonus question, does anyone do a keeper league on Yahoo?


I’m starting a keeper league this year for the first time. The method I plan on using is the person loses his ADP selection for the next year. For instance, if the player was selected in the 5th round you have to give up a fifth round pick to keep that person. This also means if you pick up someone that got injured off the waiver wire you would still have to give up the ADP he was originally selected instead of a last round pick. A good example would be jordy Nelson the other year.


There’s a couple options in terms of keeper formats

  1. Use current ADP like Mike just said
  2. 2 keepers would be your first two round picks. This is how Andy, Mike and Jason do it in their league of record. Basically the draft starts at Round 3. This is the simplest route imho
  3. Take last years draft pick value. I.e. Melvin Gordon in the 7th last year equals your 7th round pick. It MUST be someone you owned at year end. Not draft season. This could complicate things if your league mates dumped someone in the playoffs etc. also complicates it if someone picked up someone like Jordan Howard off waivers and would get him as a 15th round selection

Those are first 3 off top of my head.


Which providers have you liked to use in the past for keepers? ESPN doesn’t seem flexible enough. If forces you to give up your first and second round pick like in your second example. I want the league managers to have to give up where the round they drafted the player instead of the first picks of the draft. For example, if you drafted cooper in the third you give up the third round pick.

I know the show mentioned flea flicker as one.


Good insight guys. Thank you. In addition? How do you guys do with trading draft picks? When is the trade deadline?


Also, are all teams obliged to keep the same amount of players? Like if the max is 2, can you just keep one? Assuming you’d be forfeiting your first and second round picks like the FF Ballers league or record.


Depends on the league, I prefer having a choice to keep 0, 1, or 2 players. Set a deadline for say Aug. 1st to declare keepers. You can also do this in order of standings. Aug. 1st the first place team has to declare keepers then in the 2nd the second place team has to etc. Once keepers have been declared you can start trading. Have the deadline be a couple days before the draft.