Going Hunting for RBs

I’ve been exploring the RB market and losing CMC is furthering that process. Now my only legit start-worthy RB is Joe Mixon and I plan to spend a good amount of FAAB on Chuba next week. I originally drafted him, but dropped him last week. :frowning:

Other RBs on my roster are RoJo, Himes, and AJ Dillon.

Found a potential trade partner who lacks WR depth and has good RB depth. I’m looking at…

Trade either: Deebo or Julio (My other WR are CeeDee and ARob)
Receive either: Chase Edmonds or Damien Harris (His RB3 and RB4 on his team)

10 team/.5ppr league.

  1. Who is the more reasonable trade pair?
  2. Who should go after?
  3. Could either of then fetch a better RB?

If you can trade Hulio for Jarris, that would be ideal.

Just offered Deebo for Harris. He has Harris benched behind Edmonds in flex, so we’ll see what happens!

Trade denied. Another owner has surplus of RBs - may be able to snag Daryl Henderson. Deebo or Julio for Henderson? Or Swift?