Going in for the Kill

I’ve dropped every droppable player to acquire every handcuff RB left on the waiver market.

Have dropped the likes of Brate in favor of McDonald ROS. Have dropped Pats and Min Defs in favor of Broncs. Can’t see that my opponent this week or any remaining week would use any of those options for options they have.

Furthermore I can easily replace any of them off the waiver decently well if needed down the stretch.

In the process have acquired JKelly, Smith and Jackson, and Ridley. These are the handcuffs to my next two potential opponents rosters.

They have yet to pick them up by this point so I made a move. Do I feel bad? Nah, not at all. They failed to make a critical move and I gave them time.

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I think the Pats D will be fine rest of the way. The offensive is now what it should have been. They can now frustrate defenses and keep theirs off the field. Vikings last week, Pats made them look like fools and that is a strong offense.