Going to be 1st seed With no WR depth

Hi guys I’ve had a wild year starting 4-3 in 5th place and I’m now 10-3 with an incredibly favorable matchup for week 13. I’m pretty confident I’ll have the bye in week 14 but that’s not what I’m here for. I have a plethora of RB1s and I’m struggling at WR. I’ve been trying to trade but no one seems interested so I’m not expecting much. I can start 2 RBs 2 WRs 1 W/R

At RB I’ve been carried by the combo of Zeke and CMC while starting Aaron Jones at the flex.
All RBs: CMC, Zeke, Carson, Jones, Brieda, and Ekeler (grabbed him to block the Gordon owner so he might drop a seed or 2 in this last week)

At WR: Diggs, Dj Moore, Trequan smith, Sutton
I’m legitimately at a loss at this position and have no idea who to play week by week cause they’re all so on or off each week.

(For some context on my team)
Week 13 Lineup:
QB: Watson
RB: Zeke
WR: Diggs
WR: Moore
W/R: A. Jones
TE: Brate
K: Fairbairn
Def: Bears
Burton, Trequan, Sutton, Ekeler, Brieda, Carson,

I’m looking for some thoughts on understanding my WR position and for the flex position, I keep starting Aaron Jones and it’s been paying off since he started popping off but I’m a wary just based on the GB offense as a whole.