Going to have to drop for a K

Who do you guys drop for a Kicker this week? Struggling to decide between Kirk, DJ Moore, or Montgomery. Not huge on dropping Montgomery since I’m fairly thin at RB.

Yeah unfortunately your depth can’t survive dropping Monty. Maybe with Nagy calling plays it helps him out. At this point, I think it should be Kirk. I like his talent but he is still not practicing in full and has a bye yet to happen. Moore as a slightly more favorable schedule coming up.

Do you have another kicker you are saving on bye? Or currently without a kicker?

Nope just without a kicker currently. Had to pick up Tannehill with the possibility that Ryan is out this week, and in a superflex league waivers are thin so I wanted to make sure I got him. Also had to pick up Ty Johnson because my RB2 was Kerryon.

Makes sense. Kirk would be my choice. Curious to know, what are your plans when Harry comes back?

Don’t have any real plans for that. Just picked him up because I had an empty IR spot, so why leave it empty. I am pretty set everywhere except for RB at the moment, and waivers are non-existent on that, so I figured why not put him in my IR spot. Don’t really need another receiver TBH, my top 3 receivers are about as solid as I could hope for so the only time any of the other guys will play is on byes. Would probably end up dropping him unfortunately, don’t have room for an unproven rookie, but I can keep him away from other teams at least for an extra week.